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The group is a significant supplier of industrial fans with great innovation ability and 40
years of experience. With modern production facilities and advanced technology we
can satisfy our customers’ needs, no matter if it is standard or customized solutions.


Fans ''ATEX''

Explosion-proof radial BFN Ex fans

Specially designed, chemically resistant fans type BFN Ex comply with the requirements of the ATEX Directive, concerning devices that may be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.
They meet requirements set for the group II, category 2G/3G - zone 1 and/or 2 and category 2D zone 21 and/or 22 or category 2G/D.
Working parameters and all other technical data are complying with those of standard fans.

The fans are selected accoring to the working point specified by the customer.


Technical specification

power (kW)
BFN-4-800-1850T EX
1470 18,5 400 750
BFN-6-800-550T EX
960 5,5 400 650
BFN-4-900-3000T EX
1470 30,0 400 820
BFN-6-900-1100T EX
970 11,0 400 750
BFN-4-1000-5500T EX
1480 55,0 400 1150
BFN-6-1000-1500T EX
970 15,0 400 950
BFN-8-1000-750T EX
720 7,5 400 900
Blowers Ventur : Ventur fans are made in a very wide range of models for all kind of applications, and are available as in-line fans, axial-flow fans, ATEX fans, roof fans, fume extractors, chemically resistant fans, centrifugal fans, side channel blowers, box fans, evacuation fans, garage fans, smoke evacuation fans, high pressure fans, compact fans, cooling fans, air curtains, medium pressure blowers, local waste extractor, transport ventilators, exhaust gas extractors, vacuum blowers, heaters, and more. Our fans are used for everything from the transport of clean air to the dust laden air from smoke, chip and granulated material. Our fans are designed for different applications such as pneumatic transport, welding installations, transport of materials, filter systems, workshops, parking, industrial and commercial kitchens, application in machineries, cooling of motors, smoke extraction, compressors and other electrical machines. Ventur fans are available in different kind of materials like aluminium alloy, welded steel sheet and plastic. Depending on client application and desired operating point, we have a wide range of both direct drive and belt-driven fans. We also offer customized special fans adapted with different types of impellers such as open wheel and inlet plate and impellers with blades formed forward, straight and backwards. We can also adapt motors with different ratings and frequency control. We offer a wide range of accessories, such as sleeve couplings, flanges, inlet guards, anti vibration mounts, filters, and more. Sometimes we also manufacture complete products where the fan is one component. : Blowers Ventur
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